Personal Styling

You are a busy #bossbabe and don’t have time to worry about your personal style.  You just need some style and you needed it yesterday.  I get it; we all have pain points.  

Let me help you.  I can build and curate a wardrobe that allows you to go from brunch to work to speaking on stage while being on brand for yourself and your company.   

You have a lot to say and we can find a way for you to say it with a wardrobe that empowers you to do your best work and be heard.  


What if you had confidence and comfort with yourself every day?  What could you accomplish? What could you dream?  What could you do?

Women are incredible, powerful creatures. They have so much to offer but the work world, especially fields like technology, are not build for us; they are built for men.   

We need a way to even the playing field and style can be a tool to do that.  Creating the confidence to be bold, speak up and contribute can help you take your career to the next level. Looking the part is an essential piece.

I speak to women about how they can learn to use style as a tool to empower them and improve their confidence.   

When you look good you feel good and you carry yourself differently. Learning the power of recreating the feeling when you have that perfect dress on can be invaluable to your career.


Style is a skill.  It can be learned like any other skill you have spent the time and effort to perfect. Your visual presentation is as important as what comes out of your mouth when communicating in the world.  If you don’t dress for the promotion you aren’t going to get it.  If you don’t look like a million bucks you aren’t going to get a million in funding for your company.  

Taking your career seriously means taking your wardrobe seriously.  An investment in your wardrobe is an investment in the next level of your career.  Learning to upgrade your style can be one of the best ROI you will ever get.  Everyone gets 1 chance to make a first impression.  How will you be remembered?  What will make you stand out?